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Our College Gave a Safety Education Lecture for the International Students

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On September 18th, our college invited Zhu Chonghui, the Section Chief of Entry-Exit Administration of Zhenjiang Public Security Bureau to give a safety education lecture for our international students from Kenya. Jurong Exit-Entry Administration, and the police officer representatives of district police stations, colleagues from the International Exchange Center and the Security Department, and the international students attended the lecture.
Mr. Zhu, the section chief introduced the closely related laws and regulations to the international students who study abroad, and made detailed explanations on their generally concerned questions such as residence permit, part-time jobs outside the school and religious activities. The teacher from Security Department made requirements on precaution awareness of the international students.
Through this activity, the international students felt the concern from the college, meanwhile, the students would have an in-depth understanding of related Chinese laws, and enhance the students’ precaution awareness.


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