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Welcome ceremony and safety education for 2016 foreign students

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On March 21, 2016,the college held a ceremony to welcome the foreign students of grade 2016 to our college, the ceremony was held on ninth floor of Office Building. Mr Cao Renyong, the vice president of our college,the Student Affairs Office, Office of Academic Affairs, International Exchange and Cooperation Center and other related Departments and 11 students from Kenya attended the welcoming ceremony.

Mr Cao Renyong the vice president expressed his gratitude and warmly welcomed to the new students on behalf of the college, he hoped that students should abide by the law, ensure safety, adapt to the new living environment as soon as possible, and strive to learn and make progress. Mr Zhang Yihe the college security chief gave safety education for students from three aspects: the fire safety, traffic safety, and public safety.

John on behalf of the Students from Kenya, gave a speech to share their learning in school and life experience with more fluent Chinese. He gave gratitude for excellent teachers, our college where offers a perfect comfortable learning and living environment. Peter the new students expressed their thanks to the school schedule, and the future study life expectations.


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