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Lattitude project CEO Joan Smithson and his party visited our College

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On October 26th, Joan Smithson, the CEO of lattitude project, Gyln Williams the Director of Asian Pacific, James Langdon, the UK Regional Director, Sharyn Hight the New Zealand Director, Kelly Kang the China District Manager, and Helen Spillet the Advisor of the Project visited our college. Cao Renyong the Vice President of our College, Mei Xia the Director of the Basic Department, Wang Jin the Deputy Director of International Exchange and Cooperation Center and the relevant Department attended the meeting.

During the meeting, the vice president Cao Renyong warmly welcomed the arrival of Joan Smithson and expressed gratitude to Lattitude Project volunteers in our School, cultural exchange, teacher training, teaching and other aspects. And also introduced College basic situation, School running characteristics, the situation of International Exchange and Cooperation Center. Wang Jin the Deputy Director of International Exchange and Cooperation Center reported the three batch of volunteers in our college in recent years.

The president Joan Smithson introduced the history and philosophy of Lattitude Project, hoping that the two sides will be able to conduct long term exchanges and cooperation, and further the field of cooperation.

Joan Smithson and her party also visited the field of volunteer teaching, accommodation. And gave fully affirmed to the work what college has done for volunteers.


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